Volunteer and support your community

Volunteer and support your community to become more resilient to flooding.

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Your community needs you!

Could you volunteer and support your community to become more resilient to flooding? There are a few different ways that you can get involved. The roles are varied, training is provided and you will not be required to be on a rota.

Flood wardens
Flood volunteers
Flood groups

Our flood groups work for residents and businesses to help find ways to limit the effects of flooding. They act as a voice for communities and provide information to support them to prepare for, and respond to a flooding incident.

Typical duties include:
  • Participating in events such as leaf clearance, fundraising and exhibitions to help lessen the risk of flooding
  • Helping to draw up local flood plans and identify if anything is needed to help manage flooding locally
  • Managing local flood stores and giving out resources to assist those affected
  • Working with other relevant national and local voluntary groups


Flood wardens
Flood wardens
Flood wardens

Flood wardens are local volunteers who are supported by the Environment Agency and Calderdale Council. They play a critical role before, during and after flooding events by providing hands-on support to our communities.

Typical duties include:
  1. Supporting flooding events by being the eyes and ears on the ground
  2. Communicating with the Environment Agency about flood warning information
  3. Offering advice and information to residents and businesses
  4. Actively encouraging people to sign up for the Environment Agency’s flood warning service
  5. Supporting vulnerable members of our communities
  6. Attending regular meetings with people at risk and those who have a role in assisting
  7. Helping to manage resources in partnership with the flood groups

Find out more about the role of a flood warden using the link below.

Volunteers lifting a large tree ready to use as a leaky dam.
Volunteers making leaky dams
Interested in getting involved?
We currently have flood groups in:

Hebden Bridge



Sowerby Bridge

Please contact the group directly. Contact details can be found on each link. For other volunteer opportunities, please check our News Page.

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