Funding Opportunities for NFM

There are a range of opportunities to fund Natural Flood Management (NFM) projects. This page introduces a few of the available options.

Natural flood management officer walks with landowner to seek out natural flood management opportunities.
Who is eligible for NFM funding?

Natural Flood Management (NFM) is a key part of our work to tackle flooding in Calderdale. Local organisations play an important role in developing and delivering projects - but anyone with land can implement natural flood management measures. If you’re interested in implementing NFM on your land, funding and support is available.

Working with trusted advisors

It can sometimes be difficult to decide what NFM interventions are best for your land, understand the jargon and navigate the application process. In many cases, working with trusted advisors, partners or land agents will help to make the process smoother. They'll also keep you up to date as new opportunities become available. Some advisors may charge for their services but this isn't always the case.

Large area of tree planting in a farm above the valley.
Funding and support available in Calderdale

In Calderdale, there are a range of schemes to fund and support NFM projects:

Tree planting

If you're interested in planting trees on your land, an organisation called White Rose Forest provides free support to landowners (and their agents) in North and West Yorkshire. The White Rose Forest team guide projects from the planning and funding stages through to the planting of new trees.

Calderdale Landowner Grant Scheme

Funding is available for NFM through the Landowner Grant Scheme. The grants are managed by Calderdale Council with support and funding from the Environment Agency. Partners may be available to help design your natural flood management works and complete the application process free of charge. The scheme also offers maintenance payments to landowners in the years following completion of the projects. Around 50 Calderdale landowners have received these grants so far.

This grant scheme is not currently open. Sign up for the Flood Newsletter to hear about future funding rounds.

Property Flood Resilience Grants 

Whilst often used to make improvements to properties to keep water out, such as flood doors, some Calderdale residents have pooled their grants with their neighbours to create small natural flood management schemes to effectively manage flood waters before reaching their properties. To find out more, please get in touch with the NFM Project Officer.

Large attenuation pond that is full of water.
Environment Agency Flood Alleviation projects

The Environment Agency (EA) is delivering several flood protection schemes in Calderdale. These include new flood walls and pumps to take flood waters away from towns. To accompany these flood defences, the EA are also looking for sites for natural flood management works.

If you own land in Walsden, Brighouse or Hebden Bridge and would be interested in implementing NFM works, please get in touch with the Calderdale Council NFM Officer. Landowners will be compensated for the use of their land for this work.

Replenish project funding

Replenish is a scheme funded by Coca-Cola and managed by Calder and Colne Rivers Trust. It aims to improve the land’s ability to hold water, help with flood management and create or improve habitats. Farmers and landowners can put together bespoke projects with support from Calder and Colne Rivers Trust. There is no cost for this service.

Contact: for more information.

A wildflower meadow in Calderdale
Government-led schemes

Funding and support for NFM is also available through several government-led schemes. For these opportunities, we strongly recommended working with trusted advisors, partners or land agents to guide you through the process. There is likely to be a cost for these services.

Biodiversity Net Gain

From November 2023, new legislation means that developers must now leave their land in a better environmental state than when they started work. In cases where they cannot improve the biodiversity of the site they are working on, they can pay local landowners to undertake projects on their land through the Biodiversity Net Gain scheme.

Countryside Stewardship

Countryside Stewardship (CS) provides payments to farmers and landowners to look after and improve the environment. It offers a wide variety of options, with different agreement lengths and levels of commitment. In 2023, the amount received for natural flood management projects significantly increased.

Sustainable Farming Incentive Management Payment

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is a scheme where payments are made for managing your land for the benefit of the environment. An example payment would be for accessing and improving soil, which often brings NFM benefits.

What's next?

The information on this page is only an introduction to some of the funding options for natural flood management out there. It is recommended that you work with trusted advisors, partners or land agents for advice on the best option for you and to learn about up-to-date funding opportunities available.

If you'd like any further advice, contact the NFM Officer at Calderdale Council to discuss your plans.

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