Walsden flood siren temporarily out of action

29th March 2023 News

The Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Siren in Walsden is out of action while work is carried out to the electrical supply.

The warning siren is currently used as a secondary means of warning and informing flood
risk residents that flooding of properties is expected. During storms in recent years, the Flood Warning Siren in Walsden has been impacted by flooding and the electrical kiosk housing the equipment for the flood siren was inundated. Therefore, the Environment Agency have installed a new kiosk allowing the equipment to be raised to ensure the siren is more flood resilient.
The new kiosk requires a new electrical supply connection from Northern Power Grid.

Connection work will take place from 27th March 2023 to the end of April. Once
the new kiosk is operational, the old kiosk and equipment will be removed.

The Flood Warning Siren will not be operational whilst this work takes place. However, the Flood Warning Siren is the secondary way we warn and inform flood risk communities. Our principal way of informing communities is through the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Service.

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