Flood Siren Testing – postponed to Thursday 16th November 2023

15th November 2023 News

Flood Siren Testing – postponed to Thursday 16th November 2023.

Due to the unsettled weather forecast for Tuesday, the Environment Agency will now sound the Flood Warning Siren in Walsden on Thursday 16th November 2023 between 11:00am
and – 12:00 noon. Please note that it is only the Walsden siren being tested at this time.

Following recent testing of the Flood Siren in Walsden, work to repair the siren needed to be carried out. This means that a further test is now required. The siren in Walsden will sound
for two minutes. When the siren is sounded on this day it is a test. If a siren is sounded at any other time, it should be treated seriously and you should take action.

The Flood Warning Siren is the secondary way we warn and inform flood risk communities. Our principal way of informing communities is through the Environment Agency’s Flood
Warning Service. The Flood Warning Service gives advanced notification when flooding is expected via phone, text and email. Those who sign up can manage their registrations so
that they can receive warnings wherever they are.

For more information or if you have any questions about the siren testing, please contact YorkshireFloodResilience@environment-agency.gov.uk

Flood Sirens Sounding

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